Things to do in Shenzhen

If you are planning a trip to Shenzhen, it would be a wise move to decide on what activities you would indulge in on your stay and which landmarks you would go sightseeing to.

Due to the extensive commercialization, it is no surprise that if you wish to shop Shenzhen is an ideal location to do so. Shenzhen is virtually saturated with skyscrapers and a few of these skyscrapers are comprehensive malls that comprise of virtually anything from digital products to textile stores and kitchenware, in short, virtually anything you need can be bought from Shenzhen.

Theme parks
If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, Shenzhen is a great place filled with water parks and theme parks that comprise of all kinds of innovative rides. The Shenzhen Water Park Is the ideal place to consider if you wish to have an enjoyable water-filled evening. Window of the World is another unique theme park you might want to visit since it comprises of models of famous landmarks around the world.

Historical sights
Despite there being several reasons to visit Shenzhen, one factor that Shenzhen may lack in is the number of historical sites in comparison to other cities of China. Nevertheless, there are a few historical sites that you might want to check out when you are there. The Great Wall is considered one of the World’s seven wonders and it passes through the city of Shenzhen too. Besides this, there is also Buddha’s imperial garden and a grand palace.

Other notable locations in Shenzhen

Apart from the various activities mentioned above, there is also the exquisite night life and the various types of cuisine throughout the city. A part of visiting a foreign land is to visit notable locations and Shenzhen has a few locations you might want to stop by. There is the Dafen Oil Painting Village which is very unique due to the fact that it primarily consists of artists. Taking a stroll down this village will reveal thousands of artists who live off creating replicas of famous paintings who can draw them up in a matter of a few hours.  Chinese Folk Culture Village is a great historical site that you should be sure to take a walk through as it contains recreated ancient villages and gives you a glimpse of the life of ancient China, truly an educational experience. Apart from these places, there are several parks that you could visit to unwind and relax such as the Dameisha and Garden Show Park among others.


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